Our summer camp will give your school age child a summer filled with new friendships, fun and learning.

  • Field trips on Tuesdays that include: Houston Aquarium, P6 Farms, The Oil Ranch, Little beaker Science Center, Movie Theater, Pizza Shack, Fun-Fun for Kids and much more.
  • ​Every Thursday we go to Montgomery Gymnastics for a gymnastic class.
  • ​We visit the Library on Mondays and enroll in the Summer Reading Program
  • ​On Fridays we have Splash Day and we Scrap Book all our memories from Summer Camp.
  • ​Wednesdays are Science Days

Your child will be busy and active the whole summer long. Our Summer camp leader is Ms. Becky who is an experienced early years teacher and has worked for us for many years.


 Summer Camp

​​Stop by or call 936-582-1234 for a camp schedule and tuition rates...  

For 6 to 12 year olds

​​​​​​​​Montgomery Little Bears

Private Preschool

​​Fill your child's school vacation days with fun and discovery...