TODDLERS 18 months to 2 years

Before and After School Program (up to Age 12)

Early Preschool , age 2 to 3 years

We strive to provide children with the experiences, environment, materials, and relationships that enrich their daily learning and development. We channel the child's energy into an excitement about the their natural love for learning.  Children expand their knowledge about the world around them by exploring weekly themes of study. There is a strong focus on language, early math, art, science, fine and gross motor development. Children learn preschool concepts like alphabet, number recognition, counting, colors and shapes. If your child is not already potty trained your child's teacher with work closely with you to progress their independence when using the bathroom to ready them to progress on to preschool.   

Preschool, age 3 to 4 years

Infants 6 weeks to 18 months

Our priority is to make sure each child has the skills needed to be Kindergarten ready.  Our Pre-K group expands their knowledge as they explore weekly themes like Space, life cyles, community helpers, dinosaurs and many more  At Montgomery Little Bears we have a comprehensive reading program that will give your child a strong foundation and fully prepare them for Kindergarten and beyond.  

At Montgomery Little Bears wee have a balanced curriculum that teaches language, reading, STEM (science, technology, engineering & Math). All our student attend a daily Spanish class that will give them the basic skills to learn Spanish as a second language.

All our Pre-K students are given the opportunity to begin reading and to progress at their own pace. If your child is ready to become a more advanced reader then they will not be held back. We will provide them with the material and instruction needed to enable them to reach their full potential. Likewise if your child is a developing reader we will work at their level to progress their knowledge at their own pace. We cater to the needs of individual child so you can feel confident that your child will receive the best start to their lifelong learning.


As a preschool student your child is now becoming much more independent, they use the bathroom independently and we will encourage them to take care of their own personal needs like washing their hands, cleaning their nose, putting thier jacket on and off, cleaning away their lunch plate etc.

In preschool during the morning  your child will be introduced to a learning rotation. Your child will work in small groups and have the opportunity to work with the teacher or independently. The benefit of this style of learning is that each child has the opportunity to experience three different learning skill sets every morning such as writing , reading , STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), art and music, either one on one with the teacher or working independently.

In addition they will also have a daily Spanish lesson that will teach them the basic fundamentals of Spanish as a second language

Our infant program is the beginning of our well balanced early childhood care and education. It provides each child with a strong foundation on which a lifetime of learning success can be built. 

​Pre Kindergarten, age 4 to 5 years

​​​​​​​​Montgomery Little Bears

Private Preschool

Our Toddler Curriculum introduces the young child to weekly themes, and daily integrated art, sensory, fine and gross motor, early math and language activities.  Verbal communication is built through stories, songs and poems.  Manners and virtues, as well as social and emotional development are enriched by daily interaction and example. Our toddlers have daily outside playtimes (weather permitting). During these playtimes they develop their gross motor skills as they play ball tossing and catching, using our ride on toys, running, jumping, crawling.  A positive communication with parents is established through a daily report.  

We offer before and after school care and transportation to Montgomery Elementary, Stewart Creek Elementary and Madeley Ranch Elementary. The children are provided with cereal and milk at breakfast and a snack after school. We have homework time and also lots of opportunity to play with their friend both inside and on the playground.

During elementary school vacation time we offer camps with lots of fun activities and field trips.