It's no secret how important sleep is for babies.

Our teachers and you as a parent know how happy and sweet a baby can be after a good rest - and how cranky and fussy when tired ...
There are even more fundamental benefits why a baby needs sleep:

  • Proper brain development requires enough and good quality sleep. 

  • When sleeping, a baby dreams most of the time. Researchers found that dreaming stimulates a baby's brain and so assists in its healthy development.

Babies study and interact with the things around them, whether this is by putting a toy in their mouth or touching a new textured object, they are “playing.” 

Parents are advised daily about their child's feeding and are sent a daily report via email with specific details on times and amounts eaten.

We want to have a strong home:school partnership where both regularly share information about the infants progress and readiness to begin new foods.

  Loving and Nurturing...

Learning how to hold things enables your baby to play. Being able to grasp things is also his first step on the road to feeding himself, reading, writing, drawing, and self-care.

Talking and Smiling

​  Music and Movement

At Montgomery Little Bears each infant has their own crib and take naps as needed. All our teachers are trained in safe sleep and SIDS to keep your baby safe while they rest.

  Growth and Nutrition...

​  Learning and Playtime...

​  The Importance of Sleep...

Reaching and Grasping

Play is essential for a child's brain development. Playing is really any enjoyable activity that involves people or objects, or movement. For babies, the best toy is you. Just looking at your face and hearing your voice is play for your new baby, especially if you’re smiling.

Our teachers sing to the babies, use noise makers, hand play and rhyme.

​​Good nutrition during infancy is vital to healthy brain development and physical growth. 

​Until your baby is ready to eat table food and drink cows milk parents provide breastmilk or infant formula.

Our teachers are extremely careful to follow a feeding schedule advised by the parent to ensure the infant is growing and developing appropriately.

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As infants explore their environment they begin

to figure out how to get

your attention, such as

when a baby coos or

babbles at you. 

​Exploring and Discovering

​  ​​​​​Tummy Time...​​

 It is important to remember playtime helps baby to continuously master

and reinforce concepts that become important milestones.

  • The first few month of an infants life are crucial for developing good sleeping skills. It's in these early months that baby's sleep patterns mature most quickly and the stage is set for the years to come.

  • Poor sleep in infancy has been linked to obesity, as a child and as an adult.
  • Good sleep as a child also decreases the chance for general health problems and emotional difficulties like depression and anxiety.

​​​​If we give our children love and security when they are young it will help their social and emotional behaviors for the rest of their lives.

 Welcome to Our Infant Classroom...

Did you know?

​​Our infant classroom is the start of our care and educational program to prepare your little one for their lifelong learning journey.

​​Your little one will experience a loving and nurturing environment, where the teacher will create a bond with your child that will make them feel safe and loved.

The teachers share lots of 'one on one' and 'cuddle time' throughout the day for each baby in the their care.

​Regular tummy time and floor play

are very important for your

baby’s development.

Tummy time helps your baby develop movement control by strengthening

head, neck and body muscles.

It also allows your baby to see and

experience the world from a different perspective.​