PRE- K (age 4-5 years) and PRESCHOOL (age 3 to 4 years)



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Montgomery Little Bears Private Preschool

​​​​​​​Montgomery Little Bears

Private Preschool 

We are pleased to announce that we have a new part time schedule for our Pre-K and Preschool students beginning in August 2018.

If you have signed up for the ‘Lottery’ to attend PRE-K at Montgomery Independent School District (MISD) in the Fall.
You might want to consider MONTGOMERY LITTLE BEARS PRIVATE PRESCHOOL as an alternative to their program for the same cost.

MONTGOMERY LITTLE BEARS is offering a new part time program for children aged 3 to 5 years:
• Registration $125.00
• Monthly Tuition of $475.00 for 10 months.
• Times: 8:30am to 3:30pm with same days of attendance as per the MISD 2018-2019 scholastic calendar.
• Daily Lunch included.
• Daily Spanish Class.

MISD offers a paid Pre K program for children 4 to 5 years:
• Registration $125.00.
• Monthly Tuition of $475.00 for 10 months.
• Times and days of attendance as per the MISD 2018-2019 scholastic calendar.

So for the same price as MISD your child will be part of a small PRIVATE PRESCHOOL where they will learn, have fun in a loving and nurturing environment taught by professional and caring teachers.

For the upcoming 2018/2019 school year we are creating dedicated classroom for different areas of learning in our upper school. These will be:

  • STEMLAB - This classroom is where the children will work on Science, Technology, Engineering & Math).     
  • LETTERLAND - This classroom is set up for language arts. The children will work on phonics, reading, composition, speech and dramatics, including music.
  • IMAGINATION ZONE - this classroom is set up for creative, imaginary play where the children will enjoy learning by reenacting the world around them. It will also include arts and crafts.
  • OUTSIDE PLAYGROUND - we have a spacious outside play area equipped with play equipment where the children can run, climb, slide, and enjoy being outside.                                                                                                                                   

Our new educational approach will give the children and their teacher access to well-equipped classrooms ensuring that every day each class will receive a broad and balanced curriculum giving them meaningful and enjoyable experiences in all areas of learning.

We have a successful reading program that teaches each child reading skills that will encourage a love of reading from a young age. 

We offer a daily Spanish class that is taught by our dedicated Spanish teacher. The children learn conversational Spanish and vocabulary connected with their weekly theme of learning.
THE IMPORTANCE OF SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL DEVELOPEMENT...We understand the importance of providing each child with skills to lay a foundation for academic success. We also understand the great importance for social and emotional growth to properly prepare a child for their lifelong learning journey. Mariana the owner of our school has recently completed a master’s degree that included emotional intelligence in children. Her knowledge is shared among our teaching staff and thus passed on to our children to help them to understand their own emotional information to guide their thinking and behavior.