​​​​​​​Montgomery Little Bears

Private Preschool 

JUNE BIRTHDAYS…                                                        Gabriel G. 5th turns 5
                         Mila C-E. 9th turns 4
                          Ella H. 24th turns 2
                           Eva D. 24th turns 7

Little Bears News…  
SUMMER SPLASH DAYS - beginning the week of June 4th the children will enjoy a Splash Day (playing in sprinklers and water tables) each week throughout the summer. Each class has a separate day, they are:                                                               ·        Toddlers (Ms. Debbie) - Thursday
    ·        Pre-Preschool (Ms. Fran) - Monday
    ·        Preschool (Ms. Jean) - Tuesday
    ·        Pre-K (Ms. Debbye) - Wednesday
    ·        Schoolers (Ms. Becky) - Friday

On your child’s splash day, they should:
    ·        Dress in their swim wear to school.
    ·        Bring a change of clothes (labeled), including shoes.
    ·        MUST bring a swim diaper/pull up if needed
    ·        MUST wear water shoes
    ·        MUST wear sunscreen
    ·        MUST bring a towel (labeled)
    ·        Bring extra sunscreen, spray and sticks for face


LIBRARIAN VIST- on Thursday June 7th our local librarian is coming to visit to read to the children and to talk to them about the summer reading program and activities for your family to enjoy at the library over the summer.

FATHER’S DAY – We are inviting all our dads/grandpas to join us on Friday June 15th at 4:30pm.  We are setting up an “Montgomery Little Bears Warrior Course” for each child and their dad to join in fun challenges and activities. It will be lots of fun and don’t worry it won’t be too challenging!!

SUMMER CAMP is well under way for out K thru 5th grade students. We do have limited places still available. If you would like more information, please contact the office.

Diary Dates…

June 7th – Librarian Visit.
June 15th - Eid al-Fitr
June 15th - School Father’s Day celebration
June 17th - Father’s Day
June 18th - International Picnic Day
June 21st - First Day of summer
June 27th - Sunglasses Day

This is something new that we have introduced to our curriculum.  Each week the teachers and the student will have an age appropriate discussion about the ‘Thought for the Week’. Their discussion will focus on character education which helps children understand, identify, and process their feelings in appropriate ways. The intention is to promote social and emotional development, self-control, positive self-esteem, emotional awareness, and basic problem-solving skills. Which in turn teaches friendship skills and how their behavior impacts others.
I am part of a community and I am learning how my community comes together.
June 4th -  I will learn to forgive peolple when they hurt me.
June 11th -  I will learn to accept forgivness from others.
June 18th -  I know how to show I am sorry.
June 25th -  I am beginning to understand the importance of peace

June Themes and Activities…

June 4th – Outdoor Living
We will put up our tents, build a faux camp fire and make smores. We will also learn about the animals that you might see when you go camping, we will talk about the different food you might eat outside and clothes you might wear camping.
SPANISH WORDS: tent-tienda, fire-fuego, tree-arbol,          deer-ciervos

 June 11th -  Pirates of the Caribbean
Ahoy mateys… lets sail the seven seas and hunt for treasure! We will learn to talk like pirates "Ahoy!"-"Hello!", "Avast!"-"Stop!", "Aye!"-"Yes!”, "Aye, Aye!"- "I'll get right on that, sir! “,. "Arrr!"-"I'm happy". We will learn about ships, sailing, the ocean and sea life.
SPANISH WORDS for Father’s Day: dia del padre- Father’s Day, te amo papa-I love you daddy, abrazo a papa-Daddy’s hug, juego con papa-play with daddy.

June 18th – It’s all Ball
The WORLD CUP is here. This week will be all about sports. We will learn about soccer, other ball sports and the equipment needed to play them. We will cheer for our favorite soccer team (unfortunately the USA didn’t qualify ☹) we will wear our sport jerseys and learn about the host nation of Russia.
SPANISH WORDS: ball-bola, kick-patear, baseball-beisbol, basketball-baloncesto.
June 25th – Little Chefs

Eating is definitely one of our favorite things to do at school! We will get to make different foods from scratch and learn about cooking, recipes, ingredients, weights and measures
SPANISH WORDS: chef-cabeza, oven-horno, bowl-tazon, spoon-cuchara 

Call us today at 936.582.1234. 10636 Commerce Row, Montgomery TX 77356.

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