​​​​​​​Montgomery Little Bears

Private Preschool 

September 2018

SEPTEMBER BIRTHDAYS…                 Happy Birthday this month to… Alec 7th, Peyton 12th, Skylar 12th, Cheyenne 12th, Nicolas F. 14th, Wade 21st, Logan 25th, Keeva 27th, Thiago 28th, Ms. Alex 23rd  


Little Bears News…  

The new school year has gotten off to a great start. All the children are settling into their new classes and schedules.

If you haven’t had chance to see our new upper school classrooms, please take a peek. The children and teachers are enjoying the rooms and our new learning schedule.

We are continuing with our school improvements throughout September, you will soon see the lower school classrooms with fresh paint and new flooring!!

LABOR DAY – School will be closed on Monday September 3rd for Labor Day.

SUPPLY FEE - the 2018-2019 supply fee is due by September 1st. Thank you to those that have already made the payment.

UPPER SCHOOL MEET THE TEACHER – for our Preschool (Ms. Fran), Bridge (Ms. Jean) and Pre-K (Ms. Becky) classes we will be giving a short presentation on Thursday August 30th at 5pm to inform you about the curriculum, education and care in your child’s class for this school year. The upper school teachers will be available to answer any questions you may have.

KINDERDANCE – Ms. Trisha from Kinderdance is offering ballet and tap classes every Wednesday beginning August 29th at 10:30am. This is an extracurricular activity, so if you would like your child to participate please go to the Kinderdance Website for fees and to sign up or pick up an information flyer by the ‘sign in’ kiosk.

PICTURE DAY – On Friday September 21st Lifetouch photographers will be at school in the morning to take Fall pictures. Children should arrive to school wearing the clothes that they will wear for their picture.

Diary Dates…

August 30 – Upper School Meet the Teacher at 5pm
Sept 3 – Labor Day, School Closed
Sept 5 – Cheese Pizza Day
Sept 12 – National Chocolate Milkshake Day
Sept 21 - International Peace Day
Sept 21 – Fall Pictures by Lifetouch from 8am
Sept 23 – First Day of Fall
Sept 26– Johnny Appleseed Day

Understanding my uniqueness; developing my self-awareness, positive self-esteem and confidence.

Sept 3rd  -  We are all special.
Sept 10th  - Positive words to describe myself.
Sept 17th  - I can say how I feel.
Sept 24th  - Who can I ask for help.
Oct 1st - I can laugh and have fun.

September Themes and Activities…
August 27th – All About Me
This week is about ME! What color are my eyes and hair? Who do I live with? Do I have pets? We will enjoy learning about our self, family and friends. We will make charts and pictures to record our findings. We will talk about our feelings and emotions and how we might act if we feel happy, sad or angry.
SPANISH WORDS: eye color-color de los ojos, hair color-color del pelo, family-familia, pet-mascota.

September 3rd – My Body
This week we will learn about how our body works. We will learn about our skeleton, teeth, heart and how we are all similar and different from each other.
SPANISH WORDS: arms-brazos, legs-piernas, head-cabeza, face-cara.

September 10th – My Five Senses
This is a fun week learning about taste, smell, hearing, touch and sight. We will do lots of activities and experiments to stimulate our senses and to understand how they help us.
SPANISH WORDS: eyes-ojos, tongue-lengua, ears-oidos,

September 17th – Food and Nutrition
Being healthy is important, we will talk about food groups and healthy food choices. We will learn where our food comes from, how it grows and how it’s made.
SPANISH WORDS: carrot-zanahoria, chicken-pollo, milk-leche, rice-arroz

September 24th - Apples
Wednesday is Johnny Appleseed Day. We will learn about the story of John Chapman and his journey. We will learn about different kinds/colors of apples, how they grow and taste, and how we use them in our food.
SPANISH WORDS: apple-apple, tree-arbol, seed-semilla, peel-pele.​​

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